Save Money with Our PassClub Gold Course in East Durham

The PassClub Gold course is an extremely affordable way to learn to drive, as it keeps your costs down while improving your progress! You’ll receive a skill for life when you choose this service, as we provide the right instruction and tutelage to ensure your safety on the roads. It’s perfect for students that have reached 16-years-of-age, as it allows them to save money in advance, and then reduces the overall cost while they learn. Whether you’re a parent that wants the best for their child, or a cost-savvy individual that wants to save money, we believe this is the best option.

A learner driver exsited to go on a lesson

The PassClub Gold Course

  • Primarily aimed, but not limited to, young adults aged 16.
  • Pay just £15 per week, building up your driving lesson funds.
  • During this time, we provide study materials for theory and practical driving, giving you the tools you need to prepare for your lessons.
  • Once you have made 52 payments, you can start your lessons. Simply continue paying the discounted rate until you’ve passed your practical test.

An Example

  • Jonny gets a PassClub Gold membership for his sixteenth birthday, and starts paying £15 per week.
  • Throughout the year he receives study materials. This prepares him for his theory test and practical lessons.
  • On the approach to his seventeenth birthday, he applies for his provisional licence.
  • When he turns seventeen, he has his theory test booked and starts his driving lessons.
  • He passes his theory test, leaving him time to concentrate on his driving lessons.
  • He simply keeps paying £15 per week until his practical test is passed.

Saving You Money!

  • The average total cost of driving lessons, until theory and practical tests are passed, is £1045.
  • PassClub Gold is just £15 per week. That’s £780 for the year.
  • When our student starts their lessons, they simply continue paying £15 per week until they have passed their test.

What You Receive

  • An Affordable Way to Pass Your Test
  • 1 Theory Test
  • 1 Practical Test
  • Access to Online Theory Training
  • Study Pack
  • The Highway Code
  •  Driving Lessons Until Practical Test is Passed
  • Referral Scheme

The Referral Scheme

For every person that you refer, you receive £1 for every week that they remain a member. Once you pass your practical test, we pay you the referral money which you have accumulated via bank transfer. With some savvy referral skills, you could potentially pay nothing for your driving lessons!

40-Hour Intensive Course

Receive all the benefits of PassClub Gold, combined with a 40-Hour intensive course that takes place for 1-4 weeks. The lessons are delivered after you have passed your theory test to ensure success. Details are available below: 

  • Cost: £20 Per Week
  • 1 Theory Test
  • 1 Practical Test
  • Access to Online Theory Training
  • Study Pack
  • The Highway Code
  • Referral Scheme

Contact our established driving school, in Peterlee, East Durham, to find out more about the PassClub Gold scheme.